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We  Care


At Sculatech, we consider ourselves socially responsible. We strive to give back to the community in all possible ways either through charity or by preserving the environment through environmental friendly business activities. Our NovaGives program is a real community winner and a perfect CSR program.

Giving back to the community is a part of our business philosophy and culture. At Scilatech, we consider ourselves socially responsible and strive continuously to bring a positive community change through our business activities.

Our business is operated on philanthropic principles and professional ethics. Whether it is striving to preserve the environment or giving back to the community through charitable activities, at Scilatech, we do it all with the aim of making a positive difference. We have various programs to give back to not only to our own charities, but also to our customer’s favorite charities.

Our NovaGives program is a real community winner and a perfect Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Through this program, organizations can dispose of their redundant and obsolete IT assets ensuring zero landfill or third world export. These materials are instead upcycled and given a second life in the IT world.

We refurbish the equipment to its factory specifications ensuring it performs at its optimum level. When the IT equipment is refurbished, we give our clients the option to either donate it to charity or the equipment is sold and the profits from the sale are donated to the customer’s charity of choice.

For companies looking to dispose of their IT gear in an environmentally friendly manner, while also giving back to their communities by donations, our NovaGives program is an ideal solution!

Scilatech also sponsors IT education and startup initiatives through donations and equipment loans. With environmental sustainability being at the core of our business, we also love supporting environmental education!