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Electronic Recycling | Scila Technologies

Electronic Recycling

IT Recycling

Scilatech specializes in IT recycling in Canada. We help small businesses across industries recycle redundant and obsolete electronic equipment. We comply with the highest recycling standards.

Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity. Many businesses opt for landfills to dispose of their e-waste, but is this act environmentally responsible? No! Finding sites for landfills is becoming increasing difficult, and this act is also dangerous. Landfills produce approximately 25 percent of Canada’s methane emissions. Electronics also contain several hazardous materials like chromium, lead and mercury which pose health and environmental hazards. To prevent this and become environmentally responsible IT recycling is the way to go!

IT recycling can help reduce the amount of waste entering landfills, and simultaneously, conserve natural resources by lowering the need to extract and process raw materials to produce and manufacture new equipment.
At Scilatech, we specialize in IT recycling. We offer small businesses secure and cost effective electronic recycling services across Canada. We recycle your obsolete computers, laptops and other redundant IT equipment complying with the highest degree of environmental and security excellence. We aim to help you ‘go green’ and become more environmentally and socially responsible.


To deliver what we promise, we follow the highest and the latest recycling standards with our zero landfill and third-world export policy. All recycled IT equipment receive a hard drive data wipe, de-installation and separation. We have partnered with leading downstream recyclers in the country and the globe to make sure that every piece of your IT equipment gear is recycled properly and does not end up in landfills or exported to third-world countries. We also provide a Certificate of Destruction as well as full real-time asset visibility through our proprietary online customer portal.

So, if you want to become an environmentally and socially responsible organization, get in touch with us today!