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F5 | Scila Technologies


We are your best source for both new and refurbished F5 equipment. At Scilatech, we offer comprehensive and best of breed networking equipment by F5 in Canada.

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When it comes to competing successfully with a winning edge in today’s overly competitive and dynamic business landscape, it is important to have the most updated and efficient network. Where this is crucial for business success, it is also costly to replace old IT gear with new and expensive gear. This is where Scilatech comes into the picture. We are your best source for both new and refurbished IT gear. We carry the largest inventory of the best and the highest quality IT brands on the market including F5. With us, you can purchase both new and refurbished F5 equipment. Our inventory comprises of but is not limited to F5 Big IP product family, FirePass, WANJet, Data Manager, ARX Series and more.

All new and resale F5 products at Scilatech is backed by warranty and unbeatable technical support provided by our experienced and qualified technicians on call. We also offer configuration and installation services, if needed.

Refurbished F5 Equipment

At Scilatech, we are dedicated to offer our clients best and fully refurbished F5 IT equipment of the highest quality at competitive prices. To ensure our refurbished F5 equipment performs as good as new F5 products, each part undergoes through our rigorous refurbishment process complying with the best industry standards. Our team ensures that all refurbished equipment delivers the highest level of performance and helps clients meet their business goals successfully. Purchasing refurbished F5 equipment gear from us helps you upgrade your IT infrastructure, realize significant savings and lower total cost of ownership.

New F5 IT Equipment

With us, you can also purchase new and latest F5 products. We carry the newest range of F5 IT equipment on the market. We offer you equipment leasing purchase option too, helping you purchase newest F5 products with flexible payment options and configuring cutting edge equipment into your IT landscape for optimum business productivity and profitability.