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We offer IT financing and rental service to help small businesses to rent, finance and purchase IT equipment with ease and without incurring huge capital expenditures.

Due to rapid technological developments, to stay competitive businesses need to have access to the latest and most advanced IT equipment. However, upgrading your IT landscape with new and innovative technological infrastructure can be costly and require huge capital expenditures.

To avoid these large capital expenditures and still have access to the newest IT gear, take advantage of our IT financing and rental service. At Scilatech, we offer small businesses, enterprises and government clients who are tight on budget the option of acquiring cutting-edge and innovative IT equipment for lease or rent. Our IT financing and rental service is ideal for companies looking to turn their IT capital expenditure into operating expenses.

With us you can lease IT equipment and trade them quickly for new and more advanced IT gear. Leased IT items can also be rotated based on their EOL (end of life). Through leasing you can easily reduce the risk of investing in technology that may be obsolete in a few years’ time. Not to mention, leasing provides companies with great Tax benefits.


Keep your cash

The number one reason businesses use leasing is that it allows you to keep your cash in the business, working for you instead of tied up in a depreciating asset. You can typically lease 100% of the amount, which means no big down payments either!

Our IT rentals offer cost effective solutions for immediate and temporary technology needs. If you need IT equipment for temporary projects, you can benefit from our IT rental service and acquire equipment that you need on short-term basis to complete temporary projects/events. This helps you save thousands of dollars on purchasing IT equipment that you only need for short-term projects.

With us, you don’t have to make huge financial investments to upgrade your IT infrastructure or purchase equipment that you need for short term use.

Through our IT financing and rental service, you can easily optimize your business performance, productivity and profitability and improve your bottom line. Get in touch with us today!