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Global Field Engineering | Scila Technologies

Global Field Engineering

Global Field Engineering is a crucial component of modern technology operations, especially as businesses expand Globally. At Scila, we specialize in providing top-notch Global Field Engineering services with a focus on 24×7 response and resolution. Our experienced team of engineers possesses in-depth knowledge of diverse IT environments, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Whether it’s network infrastructure, hardware installations, or software configurations, our Global Field Engineering experts are equipped with the expertise to deliver efficient solutions that keep businesses running smoothly across over 140 countries, while providing round-the-clock support for prompt issue resolution.

Why is it important?

Our Global Field Engineering is vital for companies’ global operations. As more companies expand internationally, skilled professionals are needed to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot IT systems across multiple locations. Scila’s Global Field Engineers possess the expertise to handle diverse challenges, including varying network infrastructures and technology standards. By leveraging Global Field Engineering, Scila ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of IT systems across international offices. This enables efficient communication, data sharing, and collaboration between teams in different locations. Furthermore, Scila’s Global Field Engineering team provides 24×7 response and resolution to IT issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

In summary, Scila’s Global Field Engineering plays a crucial role in supporting companies’ global expansion by ensuring efficient IT infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and prompt problem-solving across multiple locations.

Service Delivery Speed

With over 2200 engineers and 100 global partners, we are able to offer Field Engineers at lightning-fast speeds. We have the ability to offer same or NBD services in most countries globally. SLA agreements are also available giving our client access to 24x7x2 and 24x7x4 callouts.


Over 10 years of engineering resource and partner development, allows our clients to access field engineering services across over 140 countries worldwide. Whether it’s a large on-net location or remote hard to reach sites, we have you covered!

Skill Matrix

Whether you’re looking to deploy a new SD-WAN solution with a new vendor or install equipment from leading brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell or HPE, we have an engineer with relevant experience. Working with Scila, also gives you the ability to take advantage of our backend technical support team that work hand in hand with our field engineering guys to support them while they’re out in the field!

Centralized Service Dispatch

One of the biggest values we bring to the table! Working with Scila means a single point of contact for our clients to execute various global multi-site projects. Whether you’re looking to turn up a new service in the US or trouble shoot an end-user site that is down in Brazil, working with Scila means a centralized point of command to get the job done!

How it works?

Scila’s Global Field Engineering follows a streamlined process. When a request is received, our dedicated dispatch team promptly assesses the requirements, responds to our customer within 15minutes, and dispatches the appropriate personnel to the designated location. These skilled engineers are sent onsite to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot IT systems across multiple locations. Once the visit is complete, they provide a detailed report, outlining the work performed and any recommendations along with lots of supporting photographs. This comprehensive report ensures transparency and enables clients to stay informed about the status of their IT infrastructure. Through this efficient workflow, Scila’s Global Field Engineering guarantees timely response, seamless operations, and valuable insights for our global clientele.