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Our Quality and Speed | Scila Technologies

Our Quality and Speed

Quality and Speed

At Scilatech quality is our top priority. We follow a stringent quality IT refurbishment process to ensure you get the highly functional and performance boosting IT equipment when buying new products is not an option.

At Scilatech, we continuously strive to deliver excellence in products and services. In addition to distributing the latest in Brand New IT networking equipment, we also provide the highest-quality Renewed IT equipment, fully refurbished to factory specifications. Our refurbished IT equipment perform at their optimal level and are capable of competing with their new counterparts.

We follow a rigorous quality process. Our IT refurbishment process is designed to ensure that the correct repairs are identified and executed to the highest quality standards, ensuring optimum IT performance and an extended equipment life-cycle.

We take pride in being a trusted distributor of refurbished equipment for clients who are unable to purchase new equipment.

Our Quality IT Refurbishment Process

At Scilatech, we ensure that our customers get quality and high performance refurbished products for optimum business productivity and low total cost of ownership.

Scilatech follows a comprehensive and stringent step by step refurbishment process. Here’s a look at how we work:

01 Inspection

Each IT unit undergoes and is subjected to thorough screening and physical inspection.

02 Testing

Every piece of equipment is tested thoroughly. A comprehensive set of functional, diagnostic and network traffic system tests are performed. In addition to this, we also perform burn-in and thermal cycling tests for quality assurance.

03 Repairs

IT Units that fail our inspection and testing process are repaired by our qualified engineers to factory specifications. If applicable, we replace the faulty or defective components and boards are replaced.

04 Upgrades

Our qualified and experienced specialists check the serial number of each unit against the manufactures database to determine if ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) apply. According to ECOs we then perform hardware and software upgrades.

05 Cleaning

Each part of the IT equipment is cleaned and detailed. We remove old labels and apply the new ones. Casings are also cleaned, touched up and repainted.

06 Packaging

This is the last stage of Scilatech's IT refurbishment process, in this stage we carefully pack the refurbished equipment and place it in a new protective shipping box. The box is sealed in preparation for delivery.

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