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Our Story | Scila Technologies

Our Story

About Us

Scila Technologies began with a simple vision- to guarantee maximum return on investment by extending the life of IT gear through refurbishing and reselling existing equipment.

From humble beginnings in early 2011, Scila Technologies has rapidly gained momentum and attention from a broad range of clientele in response to our fast and efficient service and high performance standards in new and refurbished equipment. In addition to providing unprecedented processing speed and customer service, Scila Technologies strives to maintain the integrity of our client’s investments, and to keep harmful materials out of landfills by refurbishing and recycling equipment that would otherwise be made obsolete.

The Scila Technologies company vision extends beyond providing leading service to our growing clientele, and into our local communities, where we collaborate with City Council members and businesses of all sizes to provide IT remarketing and recycling services, ensuring a lowered OpEx through a new revenue channel and a zero-landfill policy where the components of a wide range of electronics equipment is ethically dismantled into raw materials to renter the manufacturing cycle.

Scila Technologies began with the intention to eliminate waste from the IT industry, and was built on the understanding that extending the life of IT equipment not only benefit the companies who have made the investment, but also the environment and future generations.

Our founder, Omid Abbasnejad, built Scila Technologies on the basis of uncompromising quality and customer service. With his background in IT and Telecommunications for the past  11 years, he has seen the IT industry go through a major shift in sustainability. With tougher economic times and tighter budgets, the need for high quality refurbished equipment is at an all time high and we are striving to be leaders in this arena of affordable and sustainable IT infrastructure.

At Novagreen, IT sustainability is at the very core of our business ,while superior solutions and customer service drive us forward every day.
– Omid Abbasnejad, Founder/CEO

our story